Norton Antivirus And Its Features

First of all, we know Norton antivirus is one of the best antivirus software in the world. However, the basic purpose of Norton is to provide complete security against Viruses, Malware, etc.

Norton antivirus even more safeguards your computer from infected files and websites like URLs Spam, etc. It ensures its users to do all the work for them, in terms of removal of viruses and infections.

Features that only Norton Antivirus provides norton antivirus

Norton antivirus has developed a technology called “Insight” which leverages the collective experience of hundreds of thousands of its users to help protect others in the network.

It is a set of security software, which is reliable and most powerful program. Norton Security provides better protection against the threat to the security to its customer. Therefore It provides a complete security suite that can comfort all of your devices, like desktop, laptop, etc.

And for the reason that why is Norton antivirus best for your Computer, is because it promises its users to remove 100% of the threats/infections from the computer. Hence, if it fails to do so, Norton will give you your money back. No other antivirus firm has ever promised what Norton antivirus is providing to its users.

Safeguards from Online scams 

In November 2018, Norton antivirus acquired the Lifelock. Don’t know what Lifelock is? Well, Lifelock is an Identity theft Software which provides protection on the identity scams. It offers to provide online identity protection to the customers, which is intended to detect fraudulent scams for various financial and non-credit related services.

To summarize, it does not allow you to open up a malicious website or an infected file, which can cause damage to the machine. This feature does not let you compromise with the security of your machine. Therefore, If you download a file, insight will automatically process to scan the file and if contains any infection, it will block & delete them instantly.

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