– Keep your PC running in top condition with this must have Windows utility package.

Back in the days when Norton Utilities were the set of utilities to have for your DOS based PC, and in many ways today, offer a great deal of protection and peace of mind. That’s why this is a must have Windows utility package.visit

Besides, Norton Utilities helps your PC run like new. With them you can speed up PC performance and boot time, fix common PC problems with a single mouse click, reduces launch time of applications by optimizing the registry, increase storage and performance by defragmenting and cleaning up the hard drive and of course, recuing accidentally deleted files. And it’s a package that most every Windows user should seriously consider purchasing.

Norton Disk Doctor:

Identifies and fixes potential problems that can lead to hard drive crashes. You can use it to save your bacon, should you start experiencing random data errors in files you know are encrypted elsewhere.

Norton UnErase:

Lets you quickly restore accidentally deleted files that may be hidden on your hard drive, provided they space they occupy hasn’t been overwritten with other data.


Keeps Norton Utilities up-to-date by automatically installing product updates.


Improves PC boot time by choosing which programs will load at startup time,


Manager optimizes active Windows services so applications can run simultaneously without your PC experiencing any slowdowns.


Awesome utilities, providing value and peace of mind in keeping your data intact and your system running as intended.


Some components are very system intensive


However, Norton software, known to be a bit bloated and can be a bit of a burden on underpowered systems. Modern TSR, dashboards and sidebar widgets are known to be memory hogs and system intensive. Items like Speed Disk work very well, but don’t work well with SSD’s, as defragging they can lead to device damage.

If you have need of a utility package for Windows, this is perhaps the no-brainer of the decade. Therefore, Norton Utilities is a must have and a sure winner, at nearly any and every price point.

Norton Utilities 16.0 Publisher’s Description

However, Unneeded files, outdated registry entries, and hard disk problems can slow your PC down to a crawl AND cause crashes and file loss. Therefore, Norton Utilities is an easy-to-use toolkit that cleans up, tunes up, and speeds up your computer to help it run like new.

Norton Utilities finds and fixes Microsoft Windows issues, including corrupt or outdated registry entries, to improve PC health and stability, and prevent freezing, system crashes, and slowdowns.

The new Norton Disk Doctor scans your hard drive and alerts you to potential hardware problems that can cause your hard drive crash. Also, it repairs directory, file, and other disk software issues to help eliminate errors and system crashes.
Missing an important file? No worries! With the new Unerase Wizard, you can search for and Rescue files, hidden on your hard drive but still retrievable.

Norton Utilities also helps keep your PC running at top speed. It lets you choose what service load at startup for faster startup times. And it cleans and optimizes your Windows registry for better overall PC performance.
Over time, surfing the Web and adding and removing programs can cause your data to become scattered across your hard disk making it take longer for your PC to find it. The new Speed Disk? Reorganizes and groups the data on your hard disk closer together so your PC can find it faster and programs and files load quicker.

Norton Utilities even protects your privacy. It erases your activity from Web browsers and other software lists to prevent others from snooping. And, it permanently deletes unneeded confidential data. So cybercriminals cannot steal it.

Features of Norton nu16 suite:  

  • Performance test and smart upgrades
  • Startup Manager
  • Norton Disk Doctor
  • Service Manager
  • Disk Defragmenter
  • Norton UnErase
  • Registry Restore
  • System Optimizer
  • Registry Defragmenter
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Norton Speed Disk
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Restore Center and Process Viewer
  • System Dashboard
  • Application Uninstaller
  • Windows 8 compatibility
  • Duplicate File Finder

However, these features have unique functional that complements your device’s security. Now, If you plan to incorporate the product in your device’s security, you can access it via or a retail shop.

 Procedure to download, install and activate Norton nu16 

  1. Firstly, Go to the link
  2. Now, click to “login” button and fill in your “Username and Password” to open your Norton account
  3. Then, If you’re a first time user, then click on “Sign Up” option and type the information required to create a new account. Give a “Username and Password” of your preference and follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the process and create a new account
  4. Now, once you sign in to your Norton my account, then enter the Product key, if prompted.
  • Online purchase: If you’ve purchased, you’re your product online via or a third party website. A 25 digits alphanumerical character activation product key will be sent to a recovery email account you used to create your Norton account. Open your email and find out the order confirmation mail to redeem your product key.
  • Offline Purchase: If you’ve purchased the product via a retail store, then the product key will be printed on the back of your retail card. Scratch the surface of the back of your card and redeem the product key.
  1. Firstly, Enter the product key in the given space
  2. Now, click on your choice of product, you want to download
  3. Then, Click on the product to start downloading the Norton nu16 setup file
  4. Finally, Wait until the downloading is complete

Procedure to install and activate Norton nu16 

  1. Firstly, Go to the finder option and type “Nu16 setup” or search the web browser downloads history to locate the downloaded file
  2. Then, Find your Norton nu16 setup file and click twice on it to open the installation wizard
  3. Now, Click “Next” and read the terms and conditions of user license agreement and click “I agree” to accept.
  4. Then, Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation process
  5. Now, for activation, open your Norton nu16 product and tap on “activate” button
  6. Now, Enter the Norton product key if prompted
  7. Then, Click to “Activate”
  8. Finally, Congratulations, Norton nu16 is successfully activated on your device via Enjoy safe browsing.