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Need to Block Norton Antivirus Pop-Up notifications?

Norton comes with fixed Pop-Ups like any other security software. The main function of these pop-ups is to notify you when you are visiting infected/illegal sites or downloading suspicious programs. Although these pop-ups are helpful, it sometimes becomes irritating & frustrating for the user. But Norton comes with the feature that helps you to turn off all the pop-up notifications. You can turn these on whenever you want.

norton pop-up

Procedure to Block Norton Antivirus Pop-up Notifications:

Follow the below given steps to stop the Norton Pop-Up notifications:

  • Firstly, Open Norton Antivirus software on your Laptop/PC.
  • Then Right-click on the Norton sphere.
  • A menu option will appear. Click on the “Norton Internet Security” button from the Menu option.
  • From the “Start” menu, Open “Norton Internet Security”
  • Then, go to the “Start” menu and Click “All Programs” Option.
  • Click on “Norton Internet Security”
  • Again, click on the “Norton Internet Security” to get on the “Norton Internet Security” window.
  • Click on “Norton AntiSpam” displayed on the left side of the “Norton Internet Security” window.
  • Select & click on “Status and Settings” option.
  • Then, click on disable the “Pop-up Blocking” option.
  • Now, click on “Turn Off” button.
  • You can disable the “Ad Blocking” feature to stop pop-ups in some versions of Norton, hence Click on to disable “Ad Blocking.”
  • Here, click on “Status and Settings.”
  • Now click on “Ad Blocking” option.
  • Finally, click on “Turn Off” option.

By following the above simple steps you can easily block the Norton Antivirus Pop-up notifications. If you still find any difficulty, you can call the customer care for assistance or visit

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