Procedure How to disable Norton Antivirus and its Services temporarily

Why do we need to Disable Norton sometimes?

Norton can sometimes interfere with the installation process of some software & programs. It can also Interfere in the functionality of the web browser. Don’t worry, you can overcome this issue by temporally disabling the Norton services & install your desired software. You can enable the Norton services again & let it does normal work as before.

Procedure to Disable Norton Antivirus and The Smart Firewall disable norton antivirus

  • Click on the small triangle icon in the bottom right corner of your screen,
  • Click on the Notification tray.
  • Right-click on the Norton icon. You will see a list of Norton antivirus security options.
  • Click on Disable Smart Firewall. It will disable the firewall on a temporary basis.
  • Select the duration to set the duration to temporally disable the firewall.
  • Click on OK, to activate it.

Note: when you disable the Smart Firewall, your computer will be exposed to the threats, malware, and viruses.


Procedure to Control the Norton Toolbar

For Firefox & Internet Explorer browsers

You can disable Norton’s browser toolbar (If you are using Internet Explorer or the Firefox browser) in order to access the web sites disabled by the Norton.

  • Click on the view button.
  • Then select toolbars & uncheck Norton Toolbar. (Recheck this box and it will be re-enabled when you want to turn it on).
  • Then click on OK to save the settings.

For Google Chrome browser

  • Click on the menu & select tools.
  • Choose Extensions. You will find the option to enable and disable the Norton Toolbar under Extensions option.
  • By Disabling it, You can access those websites blocked by Norton. Turn it on when you have accessed the blocked sites.

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