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Norton Internet Security is a security software product from Symantec. Packed with features to protect your PC from all kinds of online threats and the main programs in this award-winning software are antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall and anti spam protection. Download Norton antivirus from

However, Norton Internet Security is not just an online protection program. Designed to also shield your computer from other threats, not spread through the Internet. For example, many external media drives like flash disk drives and hard drives, known to easily transmit malware threats like viruses, Trojans and spyware. And many people use these devices to transfer files and carry personal information that can be destroyed by viruses on these devices

Benefits of installing Norton software to computer, tablet or to a mobile phone

  • Provides much-needed protection to your device by completely eradicating spyware, viruses, malware, and other forms of online attacks
  • Maintains the privacy of the user irrespective of the device from which the user gets to use the Norton software
  • Create an account with Norton, go through the entire list of Norton software’s to purchase under one-roof and install it to multiple devices as well
  • Auto scan and schedule scan option to trace and get rid of any of kind of virus or malware that has been disturbing the overall performance of your device
  • Notifies regarding the overall health state of your device
  • Provides much-needed safety for the kids to access the internet.

Steps to install Norton at

  1. When the product is successfully downloaded, locate the downloaded file.
  2. You may find it in the “Downloads” folder of your device.
  3. Now, right-click on the .exe file.
  4. Click on the “install” option to start installing your product.
  5. After this, you may activate it on your Windows as well as Mac devices.

Norton activate on Windows

  1. Begin by double-clicking on the Norton icon on your desktop.
  2. Now, you will be prompted to log in to your Norton account.
  3. After logging in, type the 25 digits Norton activate product key in the given space.
  4. The activation may take a few minutes.
  5. When the activation completes, open the software and start using it.

Norton activate on Mac

  1. Locate the Norton Icon on your desktop.
  2. Double-tap on this icon.
  3. Now, enter the credentials of your Mac admin account.
  4. When prompted, provide the serial number of your product.
  5. After entering the activation code, click “Finish”.

Install the Norton product at on your Android device

Follow the steps to install the Norton product on your Android device.

  1.  First of all, On your Android device, Sign In to
  2. Type in your email address and password, and then tap Sign In.
  3. Now, In the Get Started window, tap Download Norton.
  4. Under Download Norton Security from Google Play, tap Download Now. This will redirect you to Play Store.
  5. Now, Tap Install, and then tap Accept to install the app.
  6. When the installation finishes, tap Open.
  7. Read the Norton license agreement, and tap Agree & Launch. Norton Mobile Security performs the initial setup and runs Live update, Anti-Malware scan, and App Adviser scan. When the setup is complete, sign in to your Norton account to make use of all the features of Norton Mobile Security.
  8. Then, In the top-left corner, tap the menu icon, and then tap Sign in.
  9. Type in your Norton account email address and password, and then tap Sign In. If you see any problems with installing Norton Mobile Security, please make sure that your device has the latest version of Google Play application, and all of the latest system updates installed.

How to Install Norton Product on a different device.

You can send yourself an email with instructions to add a device and to install your Norton product on the device.

  • First of all, Sign In to Norton.
  • Type in your email address and password for Norton, and click Sign In.
  • Then, In the Get Started page, click Send a download link. If you have more than one Norton product in your account, Choose the product you want to download and click Next. Click Load More if the product you desire to download is not visible in the list.
  • Then, Enter an email address you can access on your device and click the send button. You will receive an email with instructions to install the Norton product.
  • Now, On the device where you want to download Norton, locate and open the email that you received from “The Norton Team”.
  • Click Install Now.
  • Click Agree & Download.
  • Finally, Save the file on your computer and double-click the file to install your Norton product. By default, the file is saved in the Downloads folder on both Mac and Windows computers. Follow the on-screen instructions.

You cannot manage Norton AntiVirus for Mac through your Norton account. If you are a Norton Security Premium customer; Click Done after the installation, It will redirect you to Norton Family page. If you have any queries related to your recent Norton software or application purchase, you can get it cleared by sending out an e-mail or by instantly chatting with our experienced technical executives.

Remote Support

The all-new remote assistance from Norton lets their executives analyze your computer and check for the problems happening around the Norton software.

  • First of all, Open up a web browser and visit
  • Then, Enter down the 6-digit valid PIN code to start with the remote assistance session
  • Then, Wait for a few minutes to let the executive diagnose the issue with the software and your computer
  • This will solve the problem instantly.

The entire remote assistance session is highly secured and no kind of security breach shall happen. On the other hand, you can reach the Norton customer care executives through a phone call and get below-mentioned services provided by them for free. Customer care executives can be reached 24/7 to clear queries related to activating a Norton product key

They can help in solving any kind of incompatibility issues that can happen randomly with your operating system

Help in clearing any kind of installation, product key setup, and activation related issues & norton removal tool.

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