What & why is Norton.com/setup the best antivirus program for any device:

Norton.com/setup, Norton is one of the notable antivirus software that guards your computer and blocks viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits, Trojan horses, etc. to enter into your machine.

It performs effective scans to keep your machine secure online and offline. It comes with auto detection of infected files and deletes them. Norton antivirus is for Computers, Tablets, and mobile devices for Windows as well as Mac OS.

Norton Security can be installed as a trial version for complete a month. With features like advanced scan, mail scan, or chat messengers scan provides the best protection from infection and other threats.

However, to get the best out of Norton ultimate security for your machine, you need to buy it on a subscription basis either monthly or annually. It can protect your multiple devices at the same time. norton.com/setup

Norton.com/setup introduces Lifelock & Privacy manager to its USER:

Norton introduces LifeLock brand to its customers all around the world.  In order to safeguard users to start an understanding and to take control of their freedom from interference and creates a shield to safeguard the privacy and to protect them online and offline.

The information of online activities of users has risen up. The information is tracked even bought or sold by hacking criminals. We provide complete security for threats like Identity threat, Identity misuse and much more, and we don’t let customers compromise with the security.

Norton Lifelock provides complete security for these threats like Identity threat, Identity misuse and much more, and we don’t let customers compromise with the security.

The main motive of this application is to put a stop on these types of activities. So the first step was to create a shield around messaging and browsing within an app.

Furthermore, Norton privacy manager also has a feature called Sudo profiles (private virtual profiles) to enable users to choose the level of protection they need while communicating, surfing or for downloading.

Norton Privacy Manager also includes the following features:

  • Private Browsing –Private browsing helps prevent cookies and third-party sites from tracking subscribers’ movements online.
  • Private Conversation – Norton Privacy Manager keeps calls, texts, and emails private with end-to-end encrypted communications with fellow Norton Privacy Manager users.
  • Password Manager – The password manager stores usernames and passwords, generates strong ones for new logins and updates and synchronizes across multiple browsers and computers.

How to Buy Norton Security for any device Online/Offline

There are generally two ways to buy Norton Security i.e. Online & Offline. When buying Norton Security Online simply go to the main website of www.norton.com/setup or norton.com/setup & register by entering your name & email address. Activate your email & you are through then select any Norton Security Program you wish to install & activate on the device you like.

Offline Download go to any local store & ask for Norton Security & Choose any Plan you want to protect your machine. Then go to norton.com/setup and enter the 25 digit alphanumeric key scratchable from the backside of the Norton Product. Enter the key & wait for instructions.

How to Redeem or Renew the subscription of Norton:

To redeem go to norton.com/setup if you are a new user, you need to buy one and scratch from the backside of the product. If you want to renew your subscription go to norton.com/setup and follow the methods as mentioned below:

Following are the steps for the activation of norton.com/setup program:

  • Open any browser whether Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or even Safari and type & search norton.com/setup
  • Then, Select Norton antivirus from the given the list
  • Click on the Activate Now button on the bottom of the main screen
  • Press Activate Now to enter the 25 digits alphanumeric product key
  • It is scratchable & can be found on the backside of Norton Product
  • Then Click on Activate to enjoy its privileges.

Following are the steps for the renewal of Norton.com/setup program:

  • To renew Norton security subscription, open up the main screen of Norton
  • Click on the Help button on the right top corner
  • Then Select Account Information, enter the 25 digits alphanumeric product key
  • Click on Renew to renew the subscription
  • At last click on OK to complete the process.

How to Install Norton Security norton.com/setup on Mac Computer`s:

  • Open any browser Safari or Chrome & type and search for the keyword norton.com/setup.
  • Log in with the email ID if you are an existing user or create new if you are using it for the first time.
  • Then, you will have to pick any plan you would like to install & click install.
  • After downloading the installation package, open Finder & search for downloads.
  • Click twice on Norton_Setup_2016_Installer.pkg & follow the instructions.
  • After its download, Search for Norton in the Launchpad & open to Get started.
  • Enter the product key & Activate Norton Security.